You do have some choices for your internet service. Speed, price, availability and usage cap are very important factors to consider. 

Use this comparison to make an informed decision. 


Not all equal...

Paradise - Lakeview - Mesquite Way

High-speed wireless internet

*One-time installation: $100.  Install for Ultra Speed: $150 (less $50 discount for existing customers).

** If you exceed your monthly allotment, MesquitoNet will contact you about adding more data as you go.

Speeds offered are 'best effort' and depend on your location. MesquitoNet will make every possible effort to give you the best quality of service available.

MesquitoNet offers the greatest value and does not require equipment purchase or a long-term agreement. Internet service is a fast-changing market. MesquitoNet will adapt and adjust our service offerings to keep pace.  Don't get locked in to a long-term commitment that you will regret!

MesquitoNet value

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