About Fiber Internet

About Surfnet Fiber Internet

An Investment

Fiber internet service is an excellent investment for your home. In the 21st century, fiber optic cable is replacing the copper telephone wiring of the early 1900s. Upgrading to fiber internet service is the last connection you’ll ever need.

Fiber Backbone

Your house is directly connected to Surfnet’s fiber backbone. Our 10 Gigabit backbone is a fiber path to Tier 1 data centers in Silicon Valley, peered with the global internet. With Surfnet fiber, your house in Prunedale is 1 hop from the  world wide internet.

A Community Resource

Fiber internet service in Prunedale equals livability for researchers, students and remote workers who depend on broadband for their work/study, who need proximity to international travel (SJC), culture of the SF Bay Area, and reasonably-priced housing that’s unavailable on the Monterey Bay.

No Limits

Because fiber internet moves at the speed of light, there’s no limit to the speed or bandwidth to your home. Our plans start at 40-100 Megabits, but Surfnet runs multiple 10-Gigabit circuits. When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

Internet Coverage

Surfnet is committed to providing the fastest internet service to the communities we serve:

  • Santa Cruz Mountains
  • North Monterey County
  • San Luis Obispo

Our LOCAL customer focused model of providing a more personalized internet experience differentiates Surfnet from the other telecom corporations, and this is one of our core values. As a Surfnet customer, you are supporting our local economy: from the local employees we hire to the local restaurants where they stop for lunch.

Our Coverage Areas By City

Santa Cruz Mountains

  • Los Gatos
  • Summit Area
  • Soquel
  • Aptos
  • Scotts Valley
  • Riva Ridge
  • Redwood Estates
  • Las Cumbres
  • Boulder Creek

Monterey County

  • Prunedale
  • Lockwood
  • Bradley

San Luis Obispo

  • San Miguel
  • Independence Ranch
  • Ranchita Canyon
  • Paso Robles
  • Templeton
  • Creston
  • Shandon
  • Atascadero
  • Santa Margarita
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Arroyo Grande
  • Nipomo Mesa


We would love to hear from you regarding any questions you have about the Surfnet Fiber rollout.
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